WWL-TV Brings the Hammer: Forest Wright vs Eric Skrmetta

David Hammer and WWL-TV News went deep into the issues of our race in their investigative piece that aired last night. It’s must see TV.

Our opponent continues to shill for the monopoly utilities over the public interest and it means higher bills for all of us. His campaign is overwhelmingly funded by the monopoly utilities. He even tried to shake down the solar industry in exchange for his vote.

Forest stands for consumer choice and lower energy bills. He argues in the piece that people who choose to generate their own power aren’t doing it to make a profit but simply to take care of themselves and their family and should not be treated like monopoly utilities. Eric Skrmetta and his backers however believe that consumers who generate their own power are a threat to their profits and must be treated as utility generators.

It’s a clear choice between voting for consumer friendly policies and lower bills or for bigger monopoly utility profits and corrupt politics.

You can early vote right now and send a message to the LPSC on behalf of you and your family.

Thanks for your support.

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