Your Vote Against Corruption Matters

Clancy Dubos calls the PSC 1 race between Forest Wright and Eric Skrmetta “the most interesting match-up on the local scene.” He also calls Eric Skrmetta, “the utilities’ go-to guy on the commission.”

Every single lying attack ad that Eric Skrmetta is running against Forest is paid for by the big monopoly utilities to support their “go-to guy.” Skrmetta takes a cut of every utility bill you pay each month to line his pockets so that he can work for them instead of for you.

Time and again, Eric Skrmetta has lined his pockets with utility funds paid for by Louisiana utility bill-payers and our families while siding against us at the same time.

We can change all of that if we elect Forest Wright. He’s worked on behalf of consumers for the last 9 years to lower bills and make sure consumers got a fair shake from their utility companies. He doesn’t take any money from the big monopoly utility companies and he never will because common sense says that’s a conflict of interest that hurts consumers.

Vote against corruption and vote Forest Wright for Public Service Commission!

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