Forest Wright Campaign Refuses to Back Down, Presents Voters
With More Detailed Account of Skrmetta’s Lack of Ethics

MANDEVILLE, LA. (Nov. 24, 2014) – Eric Skrmetta’s attempt to force a campaign ad off the air for calling him “corrupt” is already backfiring as the Forest Wright campaign responds with a new ad to put the very issues Skrmetta is trying to squelch back in the spotlight for another round.

The Wright Campaign has already pulled the original ad and replaced it with a more detailed account of how Louisiana’s news media has described Skrmetta’s actions as LPSC chairman, including “pay-to-play politics,” “shady,” and “borderline illegal.”

Skrmetta’s lawsuit challenging the original ad is scheduled for a hearing on December 2, just four days before his runoff election against Forest Wright, who placed first in the November election.
“In filing this bogus lawsuit, Eric Skrmetta is attempting to bury the truth. We will not allow him to hide in the shadows. We will continue to expose him for what he is: a pay-to-play politician who funds his campaign with big utility money. Plain and simple,” said Wright.
“We will not be intimidated by threats or scare tactics. The people of Louisiana deserve to know the truth about Skrmetta,” he added.

The new Wright ad does not mention the lawsuit but cautions voters, “Don’t be fooled by the lies and bullying of Eric Skrmeta.”

The quotes Skrmetta disputes are pulled directly from news sources.

New Orleans City Business featured the “pay-to-play politics” and “shady” descriptions in an article about a big utility throwing a soiree for Skrmetta.

The Advocate  features the “boderline illegal” quote.

WWL-TV News describes Skrmetta as “a favorite of utility companies, which shower his campaign with hundreds of thousands of dollars”.

A full transcript of the new ad follows:

Eric Skrmetta is angry…and claims no newspaper has described him as “corrupt.”
Here’s what the newspapers wrote:
New Orleans City Business wrote that Skrmetta’s behavior was, quote, “ pay-to-play politics and it’s shady and it’s something that should be stopped.” End Quote.
They also quoted an ethics watchdog who said Skrmetta’s behavior was, quote, “purely unethical.” End Quote
The Advocate described Skrmetta’s back room deal making as, quote, “borderline illegal.” End Quote.
Don’t be fooled by the lies and bullying of Eric Skrmetta.
Forest Wright is an ethical man who won’t take money from the big utility companies so he can fight to lower our utility bills.
On December 6th, you can end the lies of Eric Skrmetta by electing Forest Wright to the PSC.
Run, Forest, Run.
Forest Wright. Ethical Republican for Public Service Commission.
Paid for by the Forest Wright Campaign.

Forest Wright has built a career as a policy expert and small business owner. Known as a champion for emerging industry and a fierce protector of consumer rights, Forest has worked on the front lines to bring more options and lower costs to Louisiana’s working families and businesses.

Among his many career successes, Forest Wright has launched workforce development training and incentive programs that reward customers for saving energy to reduce their monthly utility bills and promote economic growth. Wright holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Tulane University, where he met his wife Julia.

For more information on Forest Wright, please visit and follow Forest on Facebook at

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