A $10 Million Betrayal of the Consumer by Skrmetta will Begin Today

After months of campaigning on keeping energy rates low, a $10 million dollar gift has been given to energy companies at a cost to the consumer. Skrmetta proves yet again that his donors at the utility companies are more important than the citizens he should be representing.

The original rate increase was for $200 million dollars. Forest Wright and other consumer advocates fought the $200 million dollar increase.

“Throughout his tenure on the PSC, Eric Skrmetta has repeatedly betrayed the trust of families and small businesses by taking massive contributions from the very same big utility companies the Commission is supposed to oversee,” said Forest Wright. “Because of Skrmetta, we are already paying Entergy $200 million for a bailout of the Little Gypsy power plant boondoggle and now customers are about to be charged tens of millions of dollars more in additional rate hikes starting on December 1st.”

Forest Wright has pledged to not take campaign contributions from the big utilities.

Below are quotes from local news sources about Skrmetta’s campaign finances:

• “Commission Chairman Eric Skrmetta, a Republican from Metairie, is up for re-election after his first six-year term representing most of suburban New Orleans and the Northshore. He’s established himself as the driving conservative force on the commission, a leader in a multi-state energy transmission group and a favorite of utility companies, which shower his campaign with hundreds of thousands of dollars.”
Future of Solar Power May Hinge On November Election
David Hammer
October 24, 2014

• “Campbell has been critical of Skrmetta’s stance on the issue before, calling into question his impartiality after the chairman allowed City Tele-Coin President Jerry Juneau to host a fundraiser on his behalf.”
Lively Utilities Meeting Held On Net Metering, Prison Telephone Issues
The Times-Picayune
Lauren McGaughy
April 4, 2014

• “…the utilities and carriers themselves play a huge role in getting commissioners elected. …Jerry Juneau and his wife donated a total of $10,000 to Public Service Commissioner Eric Skrmetta’s campaign. …At the same time Skrmetta took Juneau’s money, and used his office to raise even more campaign funds, City Tele Coin had started settlement negotiations with PSC staff for violating a ban on fees added to customer bills without the commission’s approval.”

“When we ask Skrmetta why Louisiana doesn’t have a similar limitation on the books, he says, ‘If corruption is going to take place, you cannot stop it.’”
Lee Zurik Investigation: Are Utilities the Real Power Behind the PSC?
Fox 8
Lee Zurik
November 14, 2013

• “Skrmetta, who took over the chairmanship from Campbell this year, also had the highest dollar amount from industry, receiving more than $311,000 of the $401,000 he has taken since 2009 from regulated utilities and their affiliated interests.”
Louisiana Purchased: Louisiana Utility Regulators Got Two-Thirds of Their Campaign Cash From Industries They Oversee
The Times-Picayune
Lauren McGaughy
November 14, 2013

Forest Wright has built a career as a policy expert and small business owner. Known as a champion for emerging industry and a fierce protector of consumer rights, Forest has worked on the front lines to bring more options and lower costs to Louisiana’s working families and businesses.
Among his many career successes, Forest Wright has launched workforce development training and incentive programs that reward customers for saving energy to reduce their monthly utility bills and promote economic growth. Wright holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Tulane University, where he met his wife Julia.
For more information, please visit and follow Forest on Facebook at
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