Today is the day! Team Forest is out in the field educating voters on the importance of the race, which one national publication called “The Most Important Race You’ve Never Heard Of”. One of those reasons this race is so important is captured in the audio clip above. It’s a testimonial to the importance of Forest’s energy efficiency initiative for quality local jobs and the economy. It’s one of the reasons Forest decided to run and do everything possible to support working men and women by investing in jobs and lower bills rather than wasted energy. It’s an example of why so many voters are perplexed when they hear our opponent tell them they have the lowest rates in the country even though we still have very high bills. Under Commissioner Skrmetta, we are ranked last in residential energy efficiency (and second to last in overall energy efficiency), which makes our bills high. It’s an example of how our opponent misleads the public for his own gain. We’re counting on you to help spread the truth and tell your friends why this race is so important. It’s about lower bills for consumers, but it’s also about integrity and dignity when we have a Commissioner who takes 80% of his campaign contributions from the utilities he is charged to regulate and bullies and mistreats those who come before the commission.

Vote Forest Wright for LPSC!


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